Hi everyone and welcome to my web pages. Please pull up a chair and get comfortable. There are many fun pages to check out here on my website. I am so happy that you came for a visit. I love many things. Writing, cooking and card making. 

I've been seriously writing since 2002. God has blessed me with 32 fiction books, 1 short story, 2 non-fiction books and I've even been included in 2 devotion books since 2002. Yes, God is very good and has blessed my writing career. My most current books are on my the web page called, Books. There are links there to purchase them, if you see one that you'd like. 

As for cooking, well, I've never been very good at cooking but I love to try. If you look on the recipe page of this website you will see that I have a few recipes that I have mastered and my family loves. You will also find I've included several other authors recipes. Deb Raney, Jean Kincaid, Cheryl St. John and many others have added their recipes to my blog so be sure and check out those wonderful recipes. So feel free to search the page called, Recipes to find new favorites.  

My latest delight is card making. I love it so much that I've turned it into a ministry and business for God. The business is called, Cards For Christ. I sell my cards at local business in my town and I also sell them here on the web page called, Cards For Christ. These cards can be purchased with and without scripture in them. If you are a person who likes having scripture in your cards, you will be happy to know that all my cards have the KJV version in them. I'm setting up a buy now button on the page to make the process easier for you and me. 

Feel free to write me at: rhondagibson65@hotmail.com I'm always happy to talk to you about books, recipes and cards. Until then, Rhonda 

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